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Here are some testimonials from happy Expo Evolution clients.

"Having worked with Expo Evolution for three years now I can say, with authority, that they are a professional pleasure to work with. They are well organised, have an excellent understanding of the brief, are creative, forward thinking and excellent in final exhibition delivery. Their service is exactly what we were looking for and stands well apart from the crowd."
- Rebecca Farrell, Fairfax Media

"Overall, Spatial@Gov was a success with much positive feedback – it wouldn’t have been so without your support, enthusiasm and contribution. We recognise that in being a part of our event you have invested your time and effort, and for that we are extremely grateful."
-Jackie Taranto, Hannover Fairs Australia

"Having worked with a number of suppliers over the years we have found the Expo Evolution team to be extremely responsive, efficient and operationally sound to the needs of our internal management and importantly, our exhibitors who by definition rely on our key event supplier to facilitate their needs around the country."
- Roy Wright, EOC

"Working on this high profile event we were grateful to be working with your devoted, enthusiastic and committed team who were integral to the high quality produced at the event. From the initial discussions, through the creative process and onto the bump in/out, we were deeply appreciative of working with like-minded professionals."
- Great Big Events

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What should I do once my exhibition is done?

Craig Hoskinson - Thursday, April 23, 2015
Evaluating the Exhibition

Once your exhibition is complete, it is easy to think ‘Whew, that’s done now. I can relax until the next one.’ Well, not so fast. Sometimes the most important part of the exhibition is evaluating it and talking with your delegates and exhibitors and making sure that they were happy and got exactly what they wanted from the event.

Below is a list of the 4 top things that you should do after any exhibition.

Market Research the delegates and Exhibitors
Talk to your delegates and exhibitors! Did each have enough time to see the other? In your exhibitors eyes were the delegates the right buyers for their products?

Did you have any allied industries attend?
While the delegates were in session, did any of their associates or allied industries come and see the exhibition? Did you give the exhibitors extra opportunities to sell?

Did the Exhibitors achieve their Aims and Objectives?
Make sure you talk to all exhibitors. Ask them before the event what they want to achieve at the show and then after the event be sure to make contact and find out how they went with their aims. This will give you a whole lot of insight into what can be done better for next time.

Did YOU achieve your Aims and Objectives?
Look at your list of aims that you wrote down before the event. Did you achieve them?

There is always room for improvement with any event, so be sure to analyse your goals and see if they were realistic and if they were actually met.

This will make planning for your next one that much more efficient.

To your next exhibition success!

How to ensure your next exhibition will be viable

Craig Hoskinson - Thursday, April 09, 2015
Having an exhibition to support a conference is a great opportunity to get suppliers and customers into one space to share exciting industry news, product developments and generate sales leads. However, organising an exhibition has many initial outlays and you must first determine if the exhibition will actually be viable.

Before planning or organising your exhibition ask yourself the following questions to make sure it is clear whether or not it is worth going ahead with the exhibition.

Is your Conference topic Exhibition Friendly?
When you are deciding whether your conference could support an exhibition look at your industry suppliers:

Are there a number of suppliers?
  • Do they frequently meet with your members?
  • Are your members buyers or recommenders?
  • Do they have the capacity to buy the vendors products?

Is there room in the venue to accommodate an exhibition?
When you investigate the venue for your conference, make sure to allow room for an exhibition. An exhibition can’t just be put in a corridor. There needs to be a linked exhibition area with clear signage from the conference room to the exhibition hall.

Look at previous meetings
Has your association run a previous conference or meeting where an exhibition has been attached? If yes, what was the size of the exhibition? Will the vendors travel to the destination you have selected?

Is there competition in the marketplace?
Look to see if there is a competing trade show in the marketplace. If you are having a first time trade show, the trick is to convince vendors that your delegates have more to spend than your competitors delegates.

Can you attract other visitors, not just the delegates?
While your delegates are in session at the conference, the exhibition floor gets very quiet. Can you attract allied visitors to the exhibition to fill in the quiet times for your vendors?

If you answer yes to most of these questions good job! It is very likely that your exhibition will be a success!

If you don’t know where to start with planning your exhibition, be sure to contact us so we can help you bring the exhibition to life.

Planning your Exhibition Budget

Craig Hoskinson - Thursday, March 26, 2015

Putting together your exhibition budget can be a daunting task. We’ve put together a list of the main breakdown of what should be included in every exhibition budget.


  • Rental - Deposit and final payment
  • Catering
  • Power
  • Cleaning
  • Rigging
  • Rubbish removal

Contractor and Services
  • Booths, Carpet, Walling, Poster Boards
  • Lights and Power
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Registration and Badges
  • Insurance – Public Liability, Product liability
  • Signage

Administration Costs
  • Marketing – Brochures, Direct Mail, Ads, Website, PR, Email Blasts, Telemarketing
  • Staff Costs – Sales Calls, Accommodation, Office Use

Emergencies on site


  • Sales per square metre or per booth
  • Stand packages
  • Marketing Packages
  • Sponsorship – Delegate prizes such as holidays
  • Sponsorship sales – Banners, Lightboxes, Banner Poles, Internet Lounge, Coffee Breaks, Sessions, Giveaways
  • Advertising in Visitor Guides
  • Web Advertising

Do you have anything else that you include in your exhibition budget? Tell us in the comments below.

Why run an exhibition with your association conference?

Expo Evolution - Thursday, March 12, 2015
There are many benefits to your association for holding an exhibition alongside your conference. Below are 4 important reasons why you should investigate this.

An exhibition can be a great revenue generator for the association. By allowing access to your members you are creating a lot of value for vendors because they have access to a number of clients together over a short period of time. 

Adds credibility to the conference within the industry
By adding a trade show to your conference, members and vendors see that you are serious about generating business within the industry.

Delegates have the opportunity to see and try new innovative products
Some members of your association may have been so busy over the past year that they may have not have had the time to see the latest and greatest products. Having the vendors in one place creates a great opportunity to help expand their professional education.

Gives the trade a chance to showcase new product developments
A trade show is an important place for vendors to release new products. Conference visitors are normally the leaders within an association so getting them on board is vital to be used as product ambassadors 

Here at Expo Evolution we are industry leaders in we are industry leaders in helping organisers with their Conference and Exhibition needs. To find out how we can help you at your next exhibition call us on 02 9604 3075.

Alternatively you can contact us through the online form here.

10 Tips for Exhibition Organisers

Craig Hoskinson - Thursday, February 26, 2015
Creating an exhibition can be an overwhelming experience if you are not organised. Follow these 10 simple tips to ensure that both your visitors and exhibitors will be satisfied at your next exhibition.

  • Have clear aims and objectives for the exhibition
  • Include your exhibitors in your marketing plan
  • Have your exhibitors send out exhibition invitations to their clients
  • If you have a conference with your exhibition be sure to link both together
  • Work closely with your contractors and the venue
  • Develop a PR campaign with the industry magazines 
  • Develop an operations manual for your exhibitors
  • Listen to your exhibitors. Are you helping them maximize their involvement?
  • Evaluate the visitors and exhibitors. Did they maximize their time on-site?
  • Have a plan for the following year and sell it at this year’s event

If you are looking for help organising your next exhibition or trade show, we would love to be of help. We have a dedicated team of industrial designers, production managers, graphic designers, AV and logistic specialists who will all work together to make your exhibition or trade show a seamless one.

View some case studies from some recent shows that we helped build and get in touch to see how we can help you at your next event.

Custom Stand Upgrades – A Cost Effective Solution

Expo Evolution - Thursday, February 12, 2015

Participating in an exhibition is an expensive exercise. Not only do you have the cost of the real estate (the space), but there are a number of other costs that really sneak up on you such as marketing, accommodation, freight forwarding, collateral production and administration.

So with all of these extra costs, how do you maximize the dollar spend at an exhibition? How do you stand out from everyone else and bring visitors to your stand?

A really cost effective solution is to use a custom exhibition stand upgrade. A stand upgrade is basically the middle ground between a basic shell scheme and a custom stand.

upgrade custom stand at an exhibition

Usually, a good stand upgrade will cost you between $3,000 and $20,000 - depending on the size of your space.

The major advantages in booking a stand upgrade is that you can fully brand the stand to showcase your company message. This is a very cost effective solution compared to a fully customisable stand and since this is a rental item, there are no ongoing storage costs.

Be smart in these tough economic times and ensure that your message is well presented at each event you attend.

Contact us about our stand upgrades now.

10 Tips for Exhibitors At Your Custom Stand

Craig Hoskinson - Friday, January 30, 2015

After 50 years of combined experience in the event and exhibition industry, our team have come up with a list of our top 10 tips for any exhibitor at at your next event.

  1. Have clear aims and objectives for the exhibition
  2. Develop your exhibition participation in conjunction with your overall marketing plan
  3. Define your product sell for the stand
  4. Invite your clients to attend and compare your products with your opposition
  5. Clearly set your marketing message and ensure your staff follow it
  6. ‘Less is best’ when it comes to stand design…Make sure that there is no clutter around
  7. Create an eye catching display. Choose the right furniture and other props that will help portray your marketing message and enhance the stand design.
  8. Develop product mailing capability so visitors receive product information quickly
  9. Exhibitions are about list generation and qualification. Make it easy for people to give you their information an details so you can continue nurturing these leads off-site. Hire an iPad to make electronic sign-ups easier. All sales on-site are a bonus.
  10. Follow up all leads quickly. 

If you’re an exhibitor looking for guidance or direction at your next exhibition or trade show, be sure to get in touch with our friendly staff. We would love to hear from you!

Planning An Exhibition or Trade Show

Mark Barrett - Friday, January 16, 2015

The best way to ensure that your exhibition or trade show runs smoothly is to plan, plan, plan.

We’ve found that if there is clarity in these 4 main points then planning a large event isn’t as much of a daunting task.

Aims and objectives of your exhibition should be clearly stated
An exhibition can be run for an association for many reasons. It could be for revenue, brand awareness, new product development , etc so you will need to ensure that everyone in your organization are aware of the reasons for holding the exhibition. This message can be clearly stated to potential exhibitors and visitors. The objectives of the exhibitors should be in line or complementary to the overall event objectives.

Establish who is in control
This is a very critical point. From past experience we have seen where there are too many chiefs controlling an exhibition and no one is really taking charge. One person has to make the decisions on things such as floorplan, changes, ordering etc. You don’t want many people ordering items on site and then your profit being eaten by these late items.

The more lead time the better
Your suppliers and exhibitors will thank you for a long lead time. Try and allow 9 – 12 months to develop your exhibition. You need to give your exhibitors plenty of warning to fit your exhibition expenses into their marketing plans. If you are too late then they may not be able to exhibit at your show, no matter the quality of your delegates.

Link the exhibition with the conference
Be sure to brand your exhibition with your conference by marketing them together and uniting them as the one event. Delegates often have little time to see the exhibition because of short breaks in the conference which are generally due to lack of proper planning or having the exhibition organized as an afterthought.

If you need help planning your next exhibition or trade show why not get in touch?

One of our experienced staff will help talk you through your requirements to ensure a smooth process.

Contact us here, or call 02 9604 3075.